Serving the Community since 1991

Blair Village Pawn Shop


Buying and selling electronics

Find a large selection of electronics of all kinds at our locally owned shop. Unload unwanted items and receive money in return. Our professional staff are always buying and selling electronics at reasonable rates, keeping all parties happy.

  •  Televisions

  •  VCR players

  •  DVD players

  •  Cameras

  •  Musical instruments

  •  Video games

  •  Video game supplies and accessories

  •  Digital SLR cameras

Providing all the essentials

Providing you with fast money in your time of need by buying or pawning your electronics. Get rid of older televisions, DVD or VCR players, cameras, and instruments after an upgrade.

Electronics for cash

Bring your television, media player, camera, or instrument into our shop and take money home.

Home theatre set

Buying and selling jewelry of all kinds








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